Common Questions About Building an ADU in Portland, OR

Will An Accessory Dwelling Unit Fit On My Property?

The average ADU footprint we built on was 20x30 in 2023. However, we always perform a site evaluation during our project analysis to ensure an ADU will fit on your unique property.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An ADU?

Custom, detached ADUs built through our design and build process range on average between $220k-$320k.

How Difficult Is Obtaining ADU Permits?

Our experience and relationships with the various Portland Metro jurisdictions allows for a smooth and expedited permitting process. Permit management is included when you hire us for design/build.

How Long Does It Take To Build An ADU?

From start to finish, the design, permitting and build process will take 10-12 months.

Shelter Solutions ADU Building Class

Are you considering adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to your property? Whether you're just starting to explore the idea or you're ready to dive into the planning process, our "How to Plan Your ADU" class is here to equip you with the knowledge and resources you need for a successful ADU project.

Shelter Solutions ADU Insights

We have built 200+ ADU's in Portland and surrounding areas. This experience has provided insights into why people want to build ADUs and what design features are the most important and desired. Download the survey using the form below.

About Shelter Solutions

Embracing the ADU Design and Build methodology leads to expedited project completion, financial efficiencies, and optimized value engineering. Our Portland ADU building company manages every detail of the ADU construction process, allowing a seamless and transparent experience.

We collaborate with you throughout the entire process, ensuring a personalized ADU that aligns with your design preferences and financial plan. Our dedicated team accompanies you through Project Analysis, ADU Design, Engineering, Cost Evaluation, Permit Acquisition, Construction, and the Final Handover of the Keys. 

Stone Creek Building / Shelter Solutions ADU Builder
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Our Portland ADU Projects

Completed Portland, OR ADU's

ADU for Family, Friends, and Visitors

Kris Olson, a long-term resident of Portland, living on the east side in the Richmond neighborhood, partnered with Shelter Solutions to build a bright, inviting, and spacious ADU for family, friends, and visitors to enjoy. Hear more about her experience and learn first-hand how other homeowners have enjoyed building ADUs with the Shelter Solutions team.

Honest Thoughts on Building an ADU

Meet Wendy, our incredible client whose passion for helping others extends from her professional to personal life. After spending most of her career abroad, Wendy returned to Portland to lay down roots for the first time since childhood. As she settled back into her hometown, Wendy and her siblings (who live nearby) recognized the importance of planning for their aging parents’ future.

Investment / Income Producing ADU

Vin & Sarah made a big decision to use up part of their back yard and a portion of the equity in their home to build an ADU. They wanted a long-term investment that increases the value of their home, and will continue to increase over the years, while providing income. As you can see, it worked out beautifully. Sarah and Vin are one of many Shelter Solutions customers that are benefiting financially from having Shelter Solutions LLC design a build an ADU for them.

Backyard ADU for Aging Parents

Lisa Ward explains the benefits of building an ADU in her backyard for her aging parents. She moved them out of a local assisted living facility to have them safe, and within a few steps of her home in Portland. Lisa shares her insights on the building process which she says was easy, smooth, and always within budget. Additionally, she shows appreciation for Shelter Solution’s attention to detail, authentic and approachable team, and collaborative nature throughout the entire project.


Earth Advantage Legacy Builder

Earth Advantage accredited professionals have met stringent requirements that involve completing designated course work and passing an exam. When you choose an Earth Advantage accredited professional for real estate transactions or home construction, you can rest assured that person has a detailed understanding of sustainability and energy efficiency. They can help you to make informed decisions about ADU construction, new home construction, or home renovations. They can appropriately assess the inherent value of green home assets and explain their relevance in creating a better home. 

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